Sunday, October 27, 2019 @ 2:00pm – 4:00pm (PDT)
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$15 ($10 seniors /youth FREE)

Jacob Scherr, conductor

Julie Giroux – Symphony No. V "Elements"
Eric Whitacre – Sleep
Satoshi Yagisawa – Machu Picchu: City in the Sky
Felix Mendelssohn – Overture for Winds (arr. John Boyd)
Josef Rheinberger – Abendlied ("Evening Song") (arr. Shelley Hanson)
Philip Sparke – Music of the Spheres

Join the Washington Wind Symphony as our new conductor, Jacob Scherr, leads us into our 35th season at Redmond Performing Arts Center. To kick off the first of our four season concerts, Mr. Scherr has assembled an incredible musical tour that will take you to the stars and back!

* Symphony No. 5, 1. Sun in C, by Julie Giroux -- Inspired by classic works such as Holst's "The Planets," Giroux wrote this dynamic composition in 2018 to pay homage to our life-sustaining, nearly five-billion-year-old star. "Sun in C" is the first of three movements from her "Elements" suite.

* Sleep, by Eric Whitacre -- Sleep's harmonious, chorale-like chord clusters will take you to another place. Originally scored for chorus, Whitacre paired this wind band arrangement with a poem by Charles Anthony Silvestri.

* Machu Picchu: City in the Sky, by Satoshi Yagisawa -- The composer explains this musical tribute to the historical site and mysteries sealed in Machu Picchu's past:
"Three principal ideas dominate the piece: 1) the shimmering golden city of Cuzco set in the dramatic scenery of the Andes, 2) the destructiveness of violent invasion, and 3) the re-emergence of Incan glory as the City in the Sky again reached for the sun."

* Overture for Winds, by Mendelssohn, arr. By John Boyd -- At the tender age of 15, Mendelssohn wrote this overture while on holiday with his father in the fashionable town of Bad Doberan, on the Baltic coast near Rostock, Germany. It was originally scored for one flute, two clarinets, two oboes, two bassoons, two horns, one trumpet, and one English bass horn.

* Evening Song, by Josef Rheinberger -- Regarded as Rheinberger's most well-known sacred composition, this piece offers eerily beautiful harmonies that evoke the chorale voices for which it was originally scored.

* Music of the Spheres, by Philip Sparke -- A moving masterwork that demands your attention, this piece depicts the composer's fascination with the origins of the universe and deep space in general. Sparke takes listeners on an exciting and mysterious journey punctuated with passages that portray the planets and stars with intensifying energy.

Help us celebrate 35 years of performing live wind band music by joining us at the Redmond Performing Arts Center (located at Redmond High School) on Sunday, October 27 at 2:00. You'll love the ideal acoustics, comfortable seating, as well as plenty of free parking!