Monday, November 25, 2019 @ 7:30pm – 9:30pm (PST)
Town Hall Seattle, Seattle, WA, United States

Kristin Lee, violin
Joshua Roman, cello
David Fung, piano

Reena Esmail – Piano Ki Avaaz

The popularity of the Piano Trio dates back centuries, and the arrangement has been employed by composers from Mozart to Beethoven all the way to greats from the modern era of chamber music. Now Town Hall presents a concert that iterates on this classic format with the debut of a newly commissioned Piano Trio by emerging Indian-American composer Reena Esmail. Esmail works between the worlds of Indian and Western classical music, and is known for merging Western composition techniques with traditional Hindustani instrumentation and musical themes.

Joshua Roman takes the stage alongside pianist David Fung, known for intensely poetic and uncommonly expressive performances, as well as violinist Kristin Lee, who has been lauded for her remarkable versatility and impeccable technique. Roman assembles this phenomenal arrangement of musicians for a showcase that highlights modern composition at its finest. Join us for a spectacular cross-cultural intersection of classical music traditions – and the world premiere of Esmail’s newest composition.

“I have been wanting to write a piano trio for my entire professional career. For me, the piano trio is the holy grail of chamber music." – Reena Esmail

Town Hall Seattle

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Seattle, WA 98101
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