Tuesday, January 25, 2022 @ 11:30pm – 2:30am (EST)
Online event

Like a booth at a fair, Spite House will stream live musical opportunities for your digital strolling during.

Each Tuesday, Spite House artists and featured guest artists will be streaming from their homes or from the actual Spite House under strict guidelines. Guest artist performances at Spite House are invite only, as this space is no longer a public house concert until larger gatherings are acceptable.

About: Spite House is a DIY venue in a very small live/work studio captured by an arm of Capitol Hill's runaway gentrification. It is also a room with a great piano! A living and growing part of Seattle's music community meets here to feature a musician or ensemble for a semi-public audience of peers, guests, friends, family, and friendly neighbors. Four resident curators, one for each Tuesday of the month, plays or invites others to play our featured set. Dick Valentine, Carol J Levin, Amelia Love Clearheart, and Spite House producer Stephen Fandrich (with duo partner Bill Monteleone) are the current group who sets it all in motion.

Broadcasting live from Spite House, Seattle, WA.

Broadcasts typically begin at 8:30pm Pacific, but may vary from week to week. Check the Spite House Facebook page for updates on the next stream, and to view current and past streams.