Friday, May 19, 2023 @ 7:30pm – 9:30pm (EDT)
Episcopal High School Chapel, Alexandria, VA, United States
Online and in-person
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In person: $40 ($10 student) | Stream: $30

Frank MartinMass for Double Choir
Robert Nathaniel Dett — Selected works
Amy Beach — Selected works
Maurice Ravel — Selected works

Written in 1922 at the beginning of the interwar period, Frank Martin's Mass for Double Choir was to sit in a drawer unperformed for more than forty years until its premiere in 1963. Of his decision to let this modern monument lie dormant, the Swiss composer remarked: "I considered it... as being a matter between God and myself." Filled with political turmoil and societal optimism in equal measure, the interbellum was also a time of artistic innovation. In addition to the Martin Mass, The Thirteen and our Vocal Fellows explore the art of this period through works by Dett, Beach, Ravel, and more.