Thursday, June 13, 2024 @ 7:00pm – 9:00pm (EDT)
Rhizome DC – Art Learning DIY Culture, Washington, DC, United States
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About Seymour Glass (S*Glass)

The electro-acoustic sound collages created by S*Glass combine tape music, electronic processing, voice, found sound, and chance operations. Every show uses a different batch of curated audio, mixed live, while the self-produced studio albums are more refined assemblages. The playing of non-musical objects is sometimes incorporated (anything from dental floss to aluminum foil, wind-up toys or metal lunch box to cabbage). Self-shot video is screened during sets, which is mostly textures made with multiple layers that slowly wobble out of sync, jump cuts, and a smattering of primitive animation. The overall effect is one of surreal disorientation.

S*Glass is a founder of Bren't Lewiis Ensemble (a large non-musical music group begun in the early 1980s), and Glands of External Secretion (a duo with rock musician Barbara Manning since the early '90s). From the late '80s until 2004, he was the main driver behind Bananafish. Since 2017, he's performed as a solo artist and completed U.S. tours of the West Coast, New England, part of the South and Midwest, the Southwest, England and Scotland, Australia and New Zealand, and a handful of places in Canada.

About Laura Beth Allen

Lara Allen's solo work under the name Sailor Beware combines sound collage, spoken word, and vaudeville in a kaleidoscopic portrayal of her experiences in Cincinnati public schools, a troubled teen industry cult, and children's mental hospital.

About Tim Wisniewski (Comfort Link)

Comfort Link is the solo tape music project of Tim Wisniewski, proprietor and co-founder of the Spleencoffin label in Baltimore. Utilizing a battery of temperamental reel to reel tape machines and a distinctly magnetic palette of crumbling hiss, feedback, and cozy saturation, Comfort Link pulls the fragmentary implements and audio detritus of mid-century living room hi-fi culture through the dim tunnel of post-industrial audio slime.

About Levogyre

Found and transmitted sound from DC.

Rhizome DC – Art Learning DIY Culture

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