Clarinettissimo is the Northwest's premier Clarinet Festival. This free festival is held every year during the first weekend in October. Clarinetists come from all over the region, country, and world to participate in the concerts, master-classes, workshops, clarinet choir, and to shop the latest in clarinets, equipment, and music from local and international vendors. It is always the best time and place regionally to buy a new clarinet, mouthpiece, or other accessories, because of the extra inventory manufacturers send to the festival. There are events for all kinds of clarinetists, from beginner to professional, including an inter-generational clarinet choir with participants from 8 to 80. The Clarinet Olympics rewards students with a swag-bag for completing clarinet "events" like a chromatic scale, taking part in a quartet. Master-classes are given by regional and international clarinet stars. Previous special guests have included performers with the National Symphony, Cincinnati Symphony, Cleveland Orchestra, Florida State University, The USA Navy Band, Philadelphia Orchestra, Slovenian National Symphony, and many others. This year's special guest is Gregory Barrett from the Northern Illinois University.

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