Friday, September 23, 2022 @ 8:00pm – 9:30pm (EDT)
Bradley Observatory and Delafield Planetarium, Decatur, GA, United States

The William A. Calder Equinox Concert Series honors Professor William A. Calder's legacy as a professor, musician and citizen at Agnes Scott from 1947 to 1971. At the time of the Fall and Spring equinoxes (the September and March Open Houses), the gathering features a concert given by a visiting musical group or solo musician. Following the lecture or concert, guests are invited to stay for a planetarium show and (weather permitting) observations with Observatory telescopes, including the historic Beck Telescope. Planetarium shows typically include fun astronomy facts and a look at what is visible in the local sky that night.

This year's concert features the duo Vox et Digitas performing a Shakespeare program which offers comparisons of how text is set by different composers. The concert will groups pieces by the plays they were written for. It also includes some of the original tunes from Shakespeare's plays.

COVID-19 Protocols: Masks are currently required at indoor events. Thank you for helping to keep our community safe!

About Vox et Digitas

Nathan Medley, countertenor | Ariel Montero, piano