The choir «KORiUSA (Choir in the USA) consists of 40 adult singers from various choirs in the southeast part of Norway, near the capital city Oslo. The singers are amateur singers from local choirs all over the eastern part of Norway. This is a project choir who and meets four weekends during a period of 2 years for rehearsals. This mean that the singers has to practice a lot at home between the workshops and they also believe that music may throw down the borderlines between people and nations. Since 2006 has this choir travelled all over the world, some of the singers have taken part in every trip.

The repertoire consists of folk music and classical from Norway, music from Europe and America. The meaning is to perform music from our home country, from different parts of the world and maybe the most important thing, sing songs from the countries they are visiting. This means that this project choir had to sing in Chinese, Spanish and Georgian languages. Since Norway and the USA are so connected, it will be easier this time.

The conductor is Erland Dalen. He is educated from the University of Oslo and Innlandet University College. He is conducting different choirs in Norway and is touring all over the world with different choirs. Erland Dalen is also the founder of Damenes Aften, a female choir from Hamar, Norway who has won several 1. prices in choral competitions in Europe. Erland Dalen writes music for choirs. He is also an adjudicator in international choral competitions.

Randi Strømbu is the project leader of the choir since 2006. She is a former singer in Damenes Aften and now she sings in a vocal group called Nordic Blue. She works in a theater company, Teater Innlandet, and she is also a popular soloist in different concerts.

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